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Opening party dancing Berlin Amigo Cohen
Opening party dancing Berlin Amigo Cohen
Opening party dancing Berlin Amigo Cohen

Amigo Cohen Restaurant | Berlin Central Station

Tastes of Tel Aviv & Tulum

At Amigo Cohen opposite Berlin's Central Station, Tel Aviv meets Tulum, with chef Shimon Peretz skillfully combining Israeli and Mexican flavours to create style of cuisine that’s as exciting as it is delicious. The open kitchen turns out tacos you’ve never tried before, while the guacamole is prepared in front of you at the table. 

Order a drink from our outstanding selection of mezcal and tequilas or check out the wine list, which has been carefully curated to complement the experimental menu. The look is similarly sophisticated: flowers lead the way, while dramatic lighting makes the rooms shine. At weekends, changing DJs do the same with the guests. 


From now on, Amigo Cohen also has a summer terrace where you can enjoy the culinary highlights in a relaxed open-air atmosphere. Whether with a cozy dinner or a refreshing drink, the terrace is the ideal place to spend the sunny days and warm evenings.

Those who prefer celebrations in an intimate setting will find their happy place in the restaurant's private dining room, which is separated from the main space by a glass wall full of Mexico’s finest spirits. 

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Invalidenstraße 53a | 10557 Berlin


at and in front of the Hotel ROMY by AMANO


Opening hours
Tue - Sat from 6pm


Table reservation up to 20 people
Book here online


For further inquiries
+49 152 32 18 09 07


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Outer view logo Berlin restaurant Amigo Cohen

Opening decoration restaurant Amigo Cohen

Food kitchen Restaurant Berlin Amigo Cohen

Evening tables food Restaurant Berlin Amigo Cohen

Opening party dancing Berlin Amigo Cohen

Friends dinner Restaurant Berlin Amigo Cohen

Opening party Restaurant Berlin Amigo Cohen

Taco Headchef Berlin Restaurant Amigo Cohen

Food beef tataki Berlin restaurant Amigo Cohen

Kitchen Restaurant Berlin Amigo Cohen

Interior kitchen Berlin restaurant Amigo Cohen

Interior mural Berlin restaurant Amigo Cohen

Opening party DJ Berlin restaurant Amigo Cohen

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FAQ Restaurant Amigo Cohen


What are the opening hours of Amigo Cohen?

The opening hours of Amigo Cohen are Tue - Sat from 6 pm.

What cuisine is served at Amigo Cohen?

Amigo Cohen presents a unique mix of Israeli and Mexican flavours. Our fusion cuisine "Tel Aviv meets Tulum" combines strong spices from both countries as well as a preference for fresh ingredients and different types of meat and fish.

How do I reserve a table at Amigo Cohen?

We are looking forward to your visit!


Reservations for up to 20 people can be made directly through OpenTable:
- For 6 - 9 people reservations, we also ask that you deposit your credit card with OpenTable to guarantee your reservation.
- For reservations of 8 - 20 people, we ask that you book our Best of Amigo Cohen menu so that we can ensure that all guests receive their meals on time. The menu choice is not optional for this group size. Special requests such as vegetarian or vegan options are welcome to be specified when booking.


Reservations for groups of 21 or more are welcome by email at

We are also happy to reserve the Amigo Cohen exclusively for you. You can find more information here.

Is it possible to book the Amigo Cohen for exclusive events?

Yes, it is possible to book the Amigo Cohen exclusively for your event. For more information, click on the following link.

Is the choice of menu mandatory if I make a reservation with a larger group?

Yes, the Best of Amigo Cohen menu selection is not optional for groups of 10 or more. This way, we guarantee that the food will be with you on time and you can enjoy a relaxed evening. The menu is Family Style, so the dishes are presented in the centre of the table for everyone to share.
If you want vegetarian or vegan dishes, please indicate this when making your reservation or contact us for special requests.

What does Family Style mean?

Family Style means like eating with the family. The dishes are placed in the middle of the table to be shared. A convivial evening is guaranteed.

When will there be DJs at Amigo Cohen?

Every Friday and Saturday, changing DJs give you the right beats for your perfect evening.

Is the Amigo Cohen accessible?

Yes, the restaurant is located on the ground floor and is wheelchair accessible.

Is it possible to order the food for delivery or pick up?

Unfortunately, we do not offer a delivery or pick-up service. However, we look forward to welcoming you next time in our restaurant.

Is it possible to bring a cake, e.g. for a birthday?

Yes, you are welcome to bring a cake for a corkage fee of €30.00 (for service, plates, cutlery and candles).

Can I bring my dog to the restaurant?

You are welcome to take your dog with you for a restaurant visit.

Is the food Kosher?

No, we don't have Kosher food.


Ask us everything!

+49 152 32 18 09 07